Wild Okanagan Love

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  Wild Okanagan Love The Okanagan region of Canada is spectacularly beautiful all year long but in the spring it is truly paradise. Above and below:  Ponderosa flowers I had a beautiful Mother’s Day. Peter, my youngest daughters, Mitchell (Tabs’ … Read More

Moss Halls of Hoh Rainforest

Moss Halls of Hoh Rainforest I found Valhalla in this ancient, zoetic paradise. I can’t even…the beauty of Hoh Rainforest, Olympic Peninsula, Washington is beyond words, but I hope my photographs capture how it feels to walk over the roots, and … Read More

Life Down Under: Lady Musgrave Island

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Life Down Under: Lady Musgrave Island, Queensland The Great Barrier Reef My family’s adventures at the Great Barrier Reef include a brief visit to  Lady Musgrave Island (an uninhabited island in the middle of the Coral Sea). The island is … Read More

Humans Value What They Know

Humans Value What They Know If children do not explore nature, they do not know nature. They will not fight to protect what they do not know. It is imperative that parents take their children to the wild spaces near … Read More

An Autumn Rainforest Stroll

An Autumn Rainforest Stroll Mount Revelstoke National Park, British Columbia I am addicted to the temperate rainforests of British Columbia. I find peace inside the towering ancient trees. My favourite thing to do in life is to get “lost” inside … Read More

A Family United In Its Divide

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My dad asked me to paint a graphic for a poster advertising his speech supporting the Northern Gateway Pipeline. I am an activist against the pipeline. What to do? This is the graphic image I produced last night after blood, … Read More

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