Yukon Dreaming

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Yukon Dreaming
Yukon Dreaming, Tombstone, Yukon, 2016, Mix Hart

Yukon Dreaming

I stumbled upon some notes I made during my summer adventures in the Yukon. I have no memory of writing this particular observation but I’m so glad that I did. It perfectly describes the summer weather in the Northern Yukon.

Storms of misty rain and fierce, cold winds swoop like ravens from mountain peak to mountain peak, chasing us through the valley. Then, as fast as they fly, they leave and the hot arctic sun bakes our skin. I am forced to wade into the North Klondike River to cool off.

-Mix Hart

It looks as though I’ll have the opportunity to experience a Yukon winter soon too. I am eager to return to my Arctic muse! There are so many Yukon winter adventures I want to experience: dark days, northern lights and dog sledding! Of course, to feast my eyes on any Arctic winter wildlife will be a dream come true!

I need my fractured foot to heal. It has been agony not being able to even walk and I am missing the start of ski season. The thing I miss the most, is exploring the forests. I live for the forests and wilderness.

However, this is the first week that I feel my foot is actually healing–the pain has decreased–usually, it hurts for about 6 hours of each day; yet, the last few days, it has only hurt for a half hour or so, here and there. So here’s to hoping the boot will be off for good by the New Year!

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