A Pug And A Panda Go Tobogganing

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A Pug And A Panda Go Tobogganing These pictures were taken on February 1st, the day before Pip’s birthday. We had a new, unexpected snowfall and Pip wanted to go tobogganing but her sisters didn’t want to; so, I said … Read More

Mommy, Am I Pretty? Book Review

I’m always excited to check out a new book when the author and/or artist shares my interest in promoting gender equality. Mommy, Am I Pretty? is a new Canadian picture book by Margot L. Denommé. It’s illustrated by her young daughters … Read More

Apple Pie Contest & Harry Potter Fashion Week

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This past weekend my teen daughter Tabs entered an apple pie baking competition at the KAG—Kelowna Art Gallery (the Okanagan is famous for fruit orchards, especially apples). Coincidentally, at the same event, I was called out by a local radio … Read More

An Okanagan Forest in August

I walk my dogs through the forest behind our house every morning. The earlier the better—I don’t like to meet other dogs. I was surrounded and attacked by a group of four dogs last spring; though, Pablo and Fernando circled … Read More

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