Spring Float Fun at the Beach!

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P7100027This summer, when we head to the beach, our Spring Float from SwimWays is packed along with our towels. The Spring Float is a fabric-covered inflatable pool float with a patented inner spring mechanism.

In the summertime, we don’t do pools in my family. We live on a huge, freshwater lake in the sunny Okanagan Valley; a sandy beach is where we spend our hot summer days with the Spring Float. It’s simple, flexible design makes it easy to tote to the beach.


Our new Springfloat has become the favourite beach toy of my youngest daughter Pip. She likes to spend her entire time in the water in various positions on the Spring Float. If I manage to snag a little time on it myself, I admit, it is very relaxing to recline the day away…

P7100061 If the day is hot, it is dreamy to float on Okanagan Lake while reclining on the Spring Float—a shallow layer of water covers the sides of your body as you float and keeps one’s skin comfortably cooled down.


What I love about the Spring Float is that it is light and folds into a compact circle which makes it easy to carry and also that it requires only a minimum of air to blow up its narrow float tubes. I can blow it up in less than a minute.


Despite its lightness, it is super comfortable to lie on and very sturdy. Pip has folded it in every position and attempted many standing, sitting and rolling tricks on it.


Honestly, we bring no other toy to the beach now except the Spring Float—that is how much Pip loves it. I definitely recommend it as a convenient and easy to use floating water mattress.


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