Queensland Rainforests: Lamington National Park

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Queensland Ancient Rainforests: Lamington National Park Lamington Rainforest, Mix Hart, 2017 I’ve saved the best for last! Lamginton rainforest hike is perhaps my favourite Queensland rainforest hike. The scale of the trees, intensity of the twisty vines and lush ferns, is … Read More

Kootenay Lake: Smoke and Mirrors

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Kootenay Lake: Smoke and Mirrors A new forest fire, early in its fury, is reflected in Kootenay Lake, BC, August, 2017 This has been the summer of seeking asylum from the intense smoke and forest fires that have blanketed the … Read More

Dog Days on the Slocan River

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Slocan Dog Days,Mix Hart 2017 The Slocan River is a glacial fed river that meanders through the pastoral, sparsely populated Slocan Valley. Slocan Dog Days,Mix Hart 2017 Slocan Dog Days,Mix Hart 2017 A saunter along the Slocan River, and a … Read More

Keeping Active with Freiberg’s

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Keeping Active with Freiberg’s I’ve  decided to post about my recent sports injury to prevent other athletes from doing unnecessary damage to their feet and also, to clear up any misconceptions about why I haven’t been able to run and do other high … Read More

Queensland Ancient Rainforests: Springbrook

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Springbrook National Park, Queensland, Australia UNESCO, Gondwana World Heritage Site I first experienced Springbrook Rainforests while touring the historic Government House in Brisbane. A painting by Australian artist, William Robinson, captured my imagination and I decided that I had to … Read More

Queensland Rainforests: D’Aguilar National Park

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D’Aguilar National Park, Queensland, Australia The rainforests of Queensland are the largest subtropical rainforests on earth. D’Aguilar National Forest is only a 30 minute drive from Brisbane and yet the forest is an entirely different, wild-jungle world of tropical vines, … Read More

Blue Lagoon: Bora Bora

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Blue Lagoon: Bora Bora This is not a pool. This is the lagoon off Matira Beach, Bora Bora The blue lagoon that surrounds Bora Bora is fantasy turquoise, warm and endless. We spend mornings snorkelling off the beach that has … Read More

Life Down Under: Kondalilla Falls

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Kondalilla Falls National Park Only 100 km north of Brisbane is a subtropical rainforest filled with eucalyptus trees and waterfalls. Kondalilla Falls rainforest is our first Australian rainforest hike. I’m eager to see how southern, subtropical rainforests compare to the … Read More

Life Down Under: Lady Musgrave Island

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Life Down Under: Lady Musgrave Island, Queensland The Great Barrier Reef My family’s adventures at the Great Barrier Reef include a brief visit to  Lady Musgrave Island (an uninhabited island in the middle of the Coral Sea). The island is … Read More

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