Rise Up! The World Is Yours to Explore

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Rise Up! The World Is Yours to Explore Tabitha (my middle daughter) graduates from high school this month (KSS, Kelowna Secondary School ). She is also fondly known as Tabs, Tabby Cat, Tabsaroni and Sparkle Plenty (and a few more, but … Read More

Blue Lagoon: Bora Bora

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Blue Lagoon: Bora Bora This is not a pool. This is the lagoon off Matira Beach, Bora Bora The blue lagoon that surrounds Bora Bora is fantasy turquoise, warm and endless. We spend mornings snorkelling off the beach that has … Read More

Life Down Under: Surf Sisters

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 Life Down Under: Surf Sisters Cylinder Beach, Mooloomba  Minjerribah, Queensland This weekend we took the train from Brisbane to a ferry bound for Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island)—rumoured to have the best surfing in Queensland.  *I prefer the aboriginal names for … Read More

Family Hiking Tour Of BC’s South Coasts: Lighthouse Park

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Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, British Columbia This spring break my family decided to spend a week hiking through some of the rainforests of my home province of British Columbia. My husband, Peter, our eldest daughter, Mistaya, and our youngest daughter, … Read More

4th Grade Rude Awakenings

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4th Grade Rude Awakenings   Fourth Grade is a rude awakening for most kids. It’s a time when the innocence of kind, gentle teachers and a world of fairness vanishes. The rose coloured glasses of early childhood are suddenly clouded … Read More

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