Life Down Under: Surf Sisters

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 Life Down Under: Surf Sisters Cylinder Beach, Mooloomba  Minjerribah, Queensland This weekend we took the train from Brisbane to a ferry bound for Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island)—rumoured to have the best surfing in Queensland.  *I prefer the aboriginal names for … Read More

Family Hiking Tour Of BC’s South Coasts: Lighthouse Park

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Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, British Columbia This spring break my family decided to spend a week hiking through some of the rainforests of my home province of British Columbia. My husband, Peter, our eldest daughter, Mistaya, and our youngest daughter, … Read More

4th Grade Rude Awakenings

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4th Grade Rude Awakenings   Fourth Grade is a rude awakening for most kids. It’s a time when the innocence of kind, gentle teachers and a world of fairness vanishes. The rose coloured glasses of early childhood are suddenly clouded … Read More

I Work For Love Letters

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I Work For Love Letters December has been a month of love letters. There is nothing better than a love letter (unless you accidentally intercept one meant for someone else). I’ve received them from readers of my debut novel Queen … Read More

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