A Rose Garden Chapter I

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A Rose Garden April Chapter I       A branch of thorns with a single leaf bud was all that identified the dark soil patch at the front of the house as a rose garden. Large, earth-toned bricks lay … Read More

“The Universe’s Greatest Disappointment” in “The Goose”

  Mix Hart, 2020 © A poem of mine, The Universe’s Greatest Disappointment, was recently published in The Goose A Journal of Art, the Environment, and Culture in Canada The poem is humourous and looks at a heavy subject with lightness. It … Read More

Gender, Race, and Religion

  Gender, race, and religion are human-invented constructs designed to divide humanity, oppress the masses, and reward elitist bullies. I acknowledge that I live in an anthropocentric, patriarchal, and racist society. I do not feel safe living in an unjust … Read More

Moss Halls of Hoh Rainforest

Moss Halls of Hoh Rainforest I found Valhalla in this ancient, zoetic paradise. I can’t even…the beauty of Hoh Rainforest, Olympic Peninsula, Washington is beyond words, but I will try my best to describe how it feels to walk over the … Read More