Party in the Bath!


Sometimes a mom needs a taste of Disney, a small taste–five minutes worth.

My daughter gave me a Lush bath bomb for Christmas. I usually put nothing in my bath (save a few drops of essential lavender oil) as I don’t like to distrupt my skin ph. But I had to try out my present. My daughter excitedly asked me each time I was in the bath: are you using the bomb?

The bomb was shaped like a golden present with a white bow on top: very pretty, smelled great.

Throwing my fear of bladder infections to the wind, I dropped the bomb.

WoW! Who knew a bath by myself could be so much fun?

A golden foam filled the tub and sprinkled it with glitter and tiny golden confetti rings. The bath smelled unbelievably good and looked like Las Vegas! But the present was just getting started, beneath the golden layer foamed an intense deep-sea turquoise. Suddenly the bath turned the colour of the Caribbean Sea. The water seemed to have layers of swirling blue–I felt as though I might done a snorkel mask and discover a coral reef in there somewhere.

As many mom’s can attest to, for many years, most of my private bath times, always ended up looking something like this:

PDR_0767As someone who never jazzes up a bath, that little present-shaped lush bath bomb provided a most decadent and entertaining experience. I was inspired to purchase a different bath bomb for each of my daughters on Valentine’s Day; they did not disappoint.

Next time you’re in the mood for a quick escape, ask the staff at lush which bomb does the most tricks and purchase that one (that’s how I picked out my daughter’s bombs).

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    I tried one after I read your blog. It was wonderful! The water changed from yellow to orange to red and reminded me of a beautiful sunset!

    • Mix Hart
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      I’m beginning to really like Lush. I was passing by the shop today–just before picking up Tabs, and the young woman asked me if I’d like a hand spa. It was a wonderful! Also- the major N. American factory is in Vancouver. Gotta love the BC connection.

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